[April 16] Depth videos + ground truth human poses from 2 viewpoints to improve 3D human pose estimation. [project page]
[April 16] Depth images + ground truth identity to improve human identification with depth images. [project page]
[Dec 15] RGB images +Wireless signals (RSS) from individuals in both indoor and outdoor spaces to improve localization and tracking algorithms. [project page]
[Jan 16] Aerial RGB videos + ground truth trajectories from multiple targets (e.g., pedestrians, bicyclist, skateboarders, carts,…) navigating an outdoor campus to learn all interactions between humans and their surrounding. [project page]
[Jun 14] Human trajectories from an indoor train terminal to learn social dynamics in crowded scenes. [project page] 
[Aug 09] Low-resolution RGB videos + ground truth trajectories from multiple fixed and moving cameras monitoring the same scenes (indoor and outdoor) to improve object tracking and matching. [project page]